Germaine Greer on British Values

I found it interesting to read in the latest Prospect magazine in a piece marking 400 years since the death of Shakespeare, what Germaine Greer wrote as the conclusion of her book on Shakespeare in 1986.

What she says about English (British?) values, is so much in line with what I have come to recognise and write about this exasperating yet strangely lovable country. Though I have to admit that I wouldn’t have thought that the influence of the bard was so fundamental to our values.

Germaine Greer’s conclusion:

“As long as Shakespeare remains central to English cultural life, it will retain the values which make it unique in the world, namely tolerance, pluralism, the talent for viable compromise and a profound commitment to that most wasteful form of social organisation, democracy. To an outsider such a lack of system may seem amorphous, disorganised, and even hypocritical, from within it is evident that such an inclusive mode can be no more inconsistent than life itself.”William-Shakespeare

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